PRE Horses "Estirpe Cartujana"

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Yeguada Aimarán is located in the Almogí­a municipal district (Málaga), SPAIN, in the country estate called "La Capellaní­a", at the foot of El Torcal de Antequera. This country estate has wide open space for pasture where our broodmares and youngstock graze freely. It has all the necessary facilities for the best breeding and training of the horses, including stables for mares, maternity stalls, stables for colts and fillies, large winter paddocks and a stable with boxes for stallions.


We established ourselves in 1982, though we had previously spent some time studying which genetic lineage of PRE horses would be the most appropriate. We finally decided to introduce two lines, one with a large percentage of "bocao", Bohorquez and part of Yeguada Militar, and another one that was pure "bocao" (100% Carthusian).

For the first line we selected broodmares from the brands Martí­nez Boloix, Bohórquez Ruiz and Yeguada Militar whereas for the second line we chose broodmares from the brands Marqués de Salvatierra and Urquijo. We currently have 40 broodmares, a large number of which are of "pure bocao" line, with the aim of preserving the two above-mentioned lines.

We have exported horses from most European countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark) as well as from the United States and Australia. The ultimate aim of our stud farm is to preserve the thoroughbred Andalusian horse prototype, which from our point of view, demands above all, beauty, a good nature and elevation and extension of movement. Our horses have also won many gold medals at Conformational Championships, being Breed Champions, Movement Champions and Functionality Champions, even though our stud farm does not often take part in such events.


In the Yeguada Aimarán we have bred three stallions that belong to the group of REPRODUCTORES CALIFICADOS, "Ingenioso XX", "Orión VIII" and "Quejio IV". We also have several mares belonging to the group of REPRODUCTORES CALIFICADOS, special mention must be given to "Heroica II", "Trova", "Tinaja III", "Ucara", "Zahira XII" and "Aldebaran XVII". There is an increasing demand on the market for horses that are not only beautiful but also functional and athletic, and our stud farm is selecting horses that, apart from preserving the beauty of the PRE horse, are also sports horses.

This is clearly demonstrated by the magnificent performances of "Ingenioso XX" when representing our stud farm, which has won countless Dressage competitions. In 2001 was Dressage Champion (level IV) at the SICAB, and in 2004 Classical Dressage Champion of Spain (SICAB) at the Kür Grand Prix. Our stallion "Náutico III", whose sire is Ingenioso XX, which we mentioned above, has taken part in PSG-Inter I, obtaining excellent scores. He has always reached first or second position in the National Classical Dressage Competitions he has taken part in. Our young horses also take part successfully in Ciclos de Caballos Jóvenes and Dressage Competitions according to their age and obtaining the Recommendation of the Ministry of Agriculture. 


The new generations of the Yeguada Aimarán are giving a strong performance, demonstrating their gift for sport from a very early age. This has been achieved through more than 30 years of selection and we are now reaping the harvest of our work. We can thus see that the Andalusian Horse (PRE) is not only a horse of unique beauty but also a functional and sports horse.