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Donaire de Aimaran/Netherlands

Already one year ago this dreamhorse came into my life. Donaire de Aimaran is everything I wanted in a horse: a good dressage horse with movement but still baroque and with a nice solid trustable character and a stunning look with long mane! Donaire is always happy no matter what I do with him and what new objects or new challenges I confront him with. A very inquisitive, curious and fast learning horse that wants to please and absolutely shines in every competition we have gone to so far- he always tries his best!

Back then I spend some time looking for a 4-year old horse that has not been worked/ ridden much and it was nearly impossible, since everyone nowadays starts horses before they are 3 years old. Furthermore, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of horses offered on the Internet and wanted to buy from a Spanish that I could trust. Luckily I met Ellen who brought me into contact with Aida and her family and I was impressed with Yeguada Aimaran and the people around it directly. The place was beautiful, the way the horses grow up their is simply to dream of and the all the people are extremely nice and kind to the horses. The horses get handled with a lot of love and patience and I can see everyday that Donaire has never had a bad experience with humans before. While I was there I we lucky enough to meet a few of their horses and I know that Donaire is not an exception. All the horses, let it be in Spain or in the Netherlands or Germany, that I have met from Yeguada Aimaran have perfect honest characters and are just truly nice horses! I am always directly in love with all of them! I would absolutely without a doubt in my heart recommend to anyone looking for a dreamhorse to go and have a look at the many nice horses at Yeguada Aimaran.

Annika Reting



I have known for many years that I wanted to have my own PRE. 7 years ago I visited Yeguada Aimaran for the first time. I was so impressed with how they treat there horses and how committed they all are to each and every one of them. I knew, that when the time came for me to buy my own PRE I could find him at Yeguada Aimaran.

The way they let them be horses for the first years, though still taking very good care of them, knowing all of them by name and there story, makes me very confident that any horse out of there hand is a wonderful horse. Witch horse is right for you is pure chemistry.

This spring I went to look for my dream-horse. I connected with Bucefalo in 30 seconds. I knew he was the one, felt just like falling in love. Hopelessly in love. After riding him for ten minutes, I was ready to ride over to Aida and just ask her where to sign. Of course I did the proper thing, tried some more horses and went home to sleep on it. But my mind was made up, Bucefalo was my horse, my dream-come-true horse. He has now been here in Copenhagen, Denmark with me for 5 month, and he really is all I could ever dream of, in a horse. He loves to learn new things, and to use his head. He has a rock solid temper, nothing scares him. He has wonderful movements and a completely adorable exterior. He has become the darling in my family. My girls at 14 and 17 ride him too, and they spoil him, and he loves theme for it. We ride mostly dressage and do a little jumping, more of that will come. Plans are that when spring comes we will ride in the forest too. So thank you Aida and Yeguada Aimaran for making me this wonderful horse. :)

Years and years of joy ahead.. 

Ufano XLIII/ Germany

Ufano XLIII bought by photos and videos by Christine in Germany:
"Ufano is now in Germany since 3,5 years, and I always wanted to send some pics, but never got around...
Yesterday we had "Open doors" at the stable, and a good photographer took some fotos, and now I forward some of them to you.
Also I send you some pics, taken in september last year.

Ufano is doing very good. He is one of the nicest horses you can imagine. Friendly with everybody, always interested and loves to be fondled. He lives in a stable with mares and geldings close to him, and his behavior is impeccably." 

Zenit VIII/ Switzerland

In September 2011 I was travelling through the south part of Spain to find a young P.R.E. I have lived for several months in the area of Jerez so I knew quiet a few breeders – but not the Yeguada Aimaran. I was very pleased about the horses on their homepage so I made an appointment with Aida.

During my stay at Aida’s ranch I knew alredy that I will buy a horse from the yeguada Aimaran then the horses grow up in good surroundings and are ridden towards absolutely correctly and carefully. Finally I bought Zenit, who was at that time two months under the saddle. 

Now three years later he became a strong stallion. He is in the Dressage on level M and we start now with Piaffe and Passage. Zenit has a friendly character and everyone is so amazed  how well he behaves for a stallion. 

I would buy any time again a horse from the Yeguada Aimaran.Thank you for the wonderful horses.

Pascale Frei



In December of 2010 I contacted Yeguada Aimaran about a horse I had seen advertised for sale. After we discussed what I was looking for, Aida sent me photographs and videos of several horses she thought might suit me. One in particular took my interest, so I flew to Spain to see him.
From the moment of my arrival, I could not have been made to feel more welcome. Aida took me out to the ranch, showed me all the horses, told me pedigrees, levels of training etc, but the thing that impressed me more than anything, was that she was COMPLETELY honest about everything- if a horse had a blemish, she pointed it out. If there was an issue in his training, she told me. I rode several horses, including the one I liked so much on video. I would have bought him in a heartbeat, but as he had already bred mares, it tripled the cost of importing him, so I started looking at others as well. Tornado XXVIII was a horse I originally turned down, but Aida watched me ride, and said I should try him. I'm so glad she did!
Tornado and I got along immediately.
He came to the USA, with his brother Requiebro, who I also purchased, in May of 2011. I started competing with him in spring of 2012.
In 2012 he qualified for USDF Regional Finals at Training and First level. He won IALHA National Champion in Dressage Hack and Doma Vaquera. He finished Fifth at Nationals in Second Level Dressage.
His first show this year, he was Circuit Champion at Second Level, receiving over 70% and marking six 8's and a 9 in one test. He really is a potential Grand Prix horse, with a piaffe that will mark 10's.
I feel part of the Yeguada Aimaran family- I would trust them implicitly to represent their horses truthfully, and be realistic about their animals. Dealing with them at every stage is made an enjoyable experience by their truthfulness and honesty, and professionalism. Their trainers are helpful and pleasant.
If would have no hesitation whatsoever in giving them the highest recommendation, as breeders, sellers of horses, and just plain good people.
Rebecca Algar

Zascandil V/Spain

"Aida was very helpful showing me around Yeguada Aimaran & all their lovely horses, which were all well looked after. Aida knew everyone of them & obviously loves horses; this made me confident to buy a horse from them. I ended up choosing Zascandil V a colt just turning 3. It’s a wonderful place for horses to be born & grow up with lots of space to run. Zac is a very clever & beautiful 4 years old gelding now & im very pleased with him, so I am happy to recommend Yeguada Aimaran to anyone looking for a Spanish horse."

Debra Mayhew

Desafio VII/Sweeden

When I was ten years old I got my first horse(pony) after that I have had many horses. Desafio is one of the most sensitive,powerful and kindhearted horse I have ever met. We are very happy to have met you and got the opportunity to buy Desafio.

Karin Lindblom


Altair VIII/Australia

The decision to purchase a horse in Spain was a very exciting one for us, but came not without some concerns and anxiety. We didn't want to go through a broker but wanted to deal with studs directly, but we don't speak Spanish so that also added to the difficulities. We were worried about being over-charged and treated like silly foreigners - thank god we found Yeguada Aimaran and their beautiful horses! Juan Huertas Montiel and his daughter, Aida, were not only able to find us the perfect mare and handle putting her in foal, but they also dealt with all the issues involved in exporting a horse to another country. Our mare, Altair VIII, arrived here in Australia in excellent condition and later gave us a stunning filly foal. Aida speaks very good English and patiently answered our many queries before, during, and after the purchase of our mare. We are absolutely delighted with our Aimaran horses and look forward to purchasing from them again in the future.

Larissa & Nick Darragh

Bramare Spanish Horses


Vitola IV/Belgium

I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to Vitola. She is everything I was looking for. Beautiful, smart, kind and loyal. When I first came to visit you, I could already see that your horses are all raised and looked after with love. Knowing that you know ALL of their names by heart says enough. One day I will buy a 'compañera' for Vitola and I will definitely come back to you!

Caroline Clauwaert and Vitola IV


Voladora XXX / Holland

Voladora is doing very well. I am so happy with her. She has a lovely character, isn’t afraid of anything, such a open mind, she has humor , she wants to work and of course she has a will of her own. But we are really happy that she is now in Holland!

Carin Cox


Siloe and Perchelera/ United Kingdom

We are both really grateful for the hospitality and help you gave us when we came in search of our foundation mares and a stallion for the little PRE stud we are starting here in Wales. They have all settled really well in the 4 months we have had them. Siloe is even getting to like the mud! He is a wonderful horse with a perfect temperament and generous nature.- We already have a really strong bond and feel that Siloe and I are in for a long term partnership. We are delighted to recommend anyone who is keen on the Andalusian horse to come and see you and indeed hope that we will be returning for more horses ourselves.

Meet them at

Sally Herdman

Reino unido

Verbena XIII/ United Kingdom

Thank you so much Aida and Juan for allowing me to buy such a beautiful baby as 'Verbena'. She has grown into a gorgeous girl and is so fearless! Her favourite toy is a plastic bag to shake about! I cant wait to ride her next year. She will be a dressage superstar! I hope you will allow me to buy another of your beautiful babies some time in the future? You made the process of buying a Spanish horse so easy and enjoyable. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Many thanks Claire Nightingale Reino unido

Segador XII/ Germany

Now Segador have been one year in Germany. He is a wonderfull horse and I enjoy riding him now! He is learning his lessons so fast and he likes to work. He behaved very well for a stallion and he is my dream horse!! Petra Strack Deutschland

Quorum III/ Alemania

I'm very satisfied with Quorum. He is an terrific horse with a great heart. He is nice to other horses and it's a great fun for me to ride him. I enjoy it to ride him in the open country and also in the training circle. Iris Mirdwaldt Alemania

Quebranto / USA

Quebranto has been doing wonderful. He is such a great horse -- I could not have asked for anything better! Everyone is so amazed at how well he behaves for a stallion and I have had many people ask me about him. We just went to an Andalusian show. He ended up Reserve Champ for all age stallions! He was World Cup Champ and Reserve Champ for senior stallions and he was Region 3 top five for stallions 5yrs and older. He is now qualified for Nationals in Las Vegas. Stephanie Johnson USA

Quintanillo / Germany

I have to say a big “Thank you!” for having Quintanillo- such a good, wonderful horse!In the beginning it was a hard time but now when we got used to each other quite well, we love our “Nio” each day more. My kids enjoy sitting on him and everybody in our stable is fascinated! We have found our dream horse! Anja Germany

Omeya V / Great Britain

Omeya is doing really well and is really enjoying his life. Yesterday he fell asleep with his chin on my lap. He goes out everyday in the field and has taken to digging all the mud up and rolling in it. When I brush him he just stands there enjoying it, I dont ever tie him up. He sometimes even tries rolling when Im in the stable !! Hes hardly scared is he !! He likes his shavings really deep and he digs and lies flat out in it. As he goes hacking for about a hour everyday he is bigger behind than he was. He has also dropped some weight, but looking good. He loves going out with Jinnys horse for hacks and we trot them up a very long hill which is hard work for them. I can touch his ears when I ride him and he is fine. Sometimes he kicks my grooming box with his foot when I walk away from him as he wants to be brushed all the time !! He has got used to being number 1 quite quickly! Michelle Sheward Great Britain

Piyayo III / Alemania

Piyayo really is a dreamhorse and every day I'm happy that I found this special boy. He is very proud, but sensitive too, so it's much fun to work with him. He prefers to ride through the landscape, galopping through fields and our deep forests. He really has a lion heart, he doesn't fear anything and it's a pleasure to ride him. Thank you very much for my new best friend. Miriam Küster Germany

Pícaro XI / Holanda

Two years ago we went to Aimaran to buy a horse. My second PRE horse. It-s very important fo me to have someone loyable that knows me and his horses, to find the perfect horse for me. I told Mr. Huertas what I was looking for, we made the combination, and he was right! We are the perfect team. Now I am looking for my third stallion and very soon I will go to Aimaran again to find my next friend! Thanks for breeding so talented and marvellous horses. Ellen Schuthof Holand