Elfo de Aimaran 100% Cartujano

Elfo is a young andalusian horse with movement, talent beauty and a big potential for higher levels of competition. He is learning very quickly and even when is a very young horse, he is already working in level 3 (simple changes, counter canter, shoulder in and half passes) has the flying changes introduced and is [...]

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Azahar XXIX

Flashy Andalusian stallion with very good movements for dressage. This horse has been carefully trained and nicely brough to medium level, he is well schooled in basics, counter canter, simple changes, shoulder in, quarters in, half pass, flying changes and half pirouette in canter and in further proffesional training. Azahar has three correct, expressive, powerful [...]

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Barlovento XIII

This horse has it all, a fantastic conformation with elegant and armonic lines and a fairytale beauty with super long mane and tail, expresive and forward movements and a noble and friendly temperament. barlovento is approved for breeding and his Calificado bloodlines make him very interesting for breeding. His movements and ease for training makes him [...]

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Aragorn IV 100% Cartujano

Aragorn is a pure carthusian stallion with good aptitude for dressage. He is intelligent and learns quikly. He is approved for breeding. Always willing to learn and show off. Silver white with a elegant and correct morphology with all the beauty of the carthusian bloodlines. Ridden in basics, counter canter, simple changes, shoulder in and [...]

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Orion VIII – Semental Calificado

Orion VIII is a Qualified stallion (Semental Calificado) son of Ingenioso XX. He has transmitted him the beauty and expressivity, due to straight and cadenced movements so worthy in dressage. But if there is something that distinguishes this horse, is his gentleness and his willingness to work. Orion VIII has taken part in a lot [...]

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Amaranto de Aimaran

Amaranto de Aimaran is an excellent dressage horse. His sportive conformation, his big and cadenced movements and his active temperament makes him the perfect sport horse. Furthermore his origins are impecable ( grandson of Ingenioso XX Calificado and GP dressage multichampion, Estrella XVI multichampion in Morphology and Heroica II, Calificada and Morphology multichampion). Amaranto has [...]

Nilo XIX

This magnificent Andalusian horse has it all, the beauty, the movements and a very sweet temperament. With a very interesting combination of Bocado and Yeguada Militar bloodlines this PRE stallion is a genetic bomb. He is producing foals with excellent quality that are heritating his suspension and cadence and his beautiful and sportive lines.

Ingenioso XX

Ingenioso XX is a Qualified stallion (Semental Calificado). Breathtaking gaits and a very hard worker. This stallion has probed that he's a very talented horse for dressage. Hi has been performing Gran Prix since 2003, he was pre-selected for the Spanish Olimpic Team of Dressage of Athens. In fact, he isn't only a good sport horse, he [...]