La Capellania

Yeguada Aimaran is situated in Cortijo La Capellanía, placed close to El Torcal de Antequera (Malaga, Spain) one of the most beautiful places in Andalucía. The stud is not far from Malaga city, capital of the Costa del Sol.

The farms an old “Cortijo” with more than 100 Ha for pasture and olive grove, where we have all the necessary facilities for the correct development and training of our horses.

In winter, the mares and foals are held in stables and winter fields, waiting for the arrival of the new foals. Our birthing stables are big and comfortable and provide our mares and warm and quiet environment to give birth, while we control them with cameras in order to help them is there is any problem. We count also with a veterinary clinic for an optimal care of our horses.

In the spring our young horses and mares can enjoy freedom in our pastures, where they can graze and run in more than 20 hectares fields. As yearlings colts and fillies are separated and will continue their lives apart.


The horses in training live in a stable with big boxes and tack room, and can enjoy of day paddocks where they can be released during the daytime. For the training time we have a fantastic olimpic arena and a nice 15x15m arena for the training of the young horses and lunguing work. They are also trained in the countryside hacking in the pasture where they can relax after the training.