Yeguada Aimaran is one of the leading breeders of Purebred Spanish horses (P.R.E.), but above all is the dream of Juan Huertas Montiel, fruit of his passion and love for the Andalusian horse.

The stud was founded in 1982, with the ideal of breeding horses retain the classical beauty of the Carthusian bloodlines that the PRE horses are so famous, combined with the functionality and athleticism of a sport horse Spanish capable of compete at the highest levels of dressage.

Today we have a wide selection of broodmares with the best bloodlines Borhorquez, Bocado, Urquijo, Yeguada Militar and Moreno de la Cova. We mainly use our own stallions, refreshing with new stallions that carry the basic characteristics of horses Aimaran: good temperament, athletic movements and beauty.

Yeguada Aimaran History and bloodlines

The goals we pursue in our stud are the conservation of racial prototype of the Andalusian horse, which, under our view and in short, should be required, above all, beauty, good character and high and wide movements. Our specimens have got many gold medals in Morphological Championships, taking the Champions of the Breed, Best movements and Best functionality, although not very often participate in such contests.

Increasingly, the market requires us not only beautiful horses if not functional and athletic, and our stud are being selected horses preserving the beauty that has always characterized the PRE horse and all the necessary to perform as sport horses. We have a Dressage program implanted in livestock for decades, being pioneers in the field, which has given us great champions in national and international competitions, including at the highest level, Grand Prix. Our main stallion “Ingenioso XX” has taken part successfully at all levels, highlighting Grand Prix where he has been a finalist in the Championship of Spain of Dressage, First place in the Kür GP in Sicab and Reserve Champion Grand Prix level twice , it has been part of the long list of Spanish team for Athens 2004 … just to mention some of his achievements.

Yeguada Aimaran History and bloodlines

In the stud Aimaran have raised three stallions belonging to the group of REPRODUCTORES CALIFICADOS  whose names are “Ingenioso XX”, “Orion VIII” and “Quejio IV”. We also have several mares that also belong to the category of REPRODUCTORES CALIFICADOS among which “Heroica II”, “Tinaja III”, “Úcara”, “Zahira XII”, “Trova” and “Aldebaran XVII”.

Every year we make a strict selection of our horses for dressage taking part in major competitions Dressage and Tests Young Horse Selection (PSCJ) conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, ANCCE and the Spanish Equestrian Federation. We count among our horses  with JRR (Young Recommended Breedingstock) for Dressage “Amaranto de Aimaran” and JRR for Morphology “Tinaja III” as well as many recommendations as “Very Good” and “Excellent” for dressage obtained the long years of taking part in dressage competitions, “Amaranto de Aimaran “, “Cantal de Aimaran”, “Duero de Aimaran”, “Zorzal  XI”, “Zafir IV”, “Vencejo VI” … among others, have received this recognition and have been part of our breeding program.

Aimaran horses have been exported almost all of Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark), United States, South America and Australia, being very proud with our livestock around the world.


Before we started breeding, we spent some time studying the genetic lines that would be convenient to choose from within the horse P.R.E. . Finally it was decided to introduce two lines. The first line “Cerrado en Bocao” (100% Cartujano), selecting mares and stallions from the best stud of Carthusian: Marqués de Salvatierra, Urquijo and Las Lumbreras. And the second, mixing the most functional bloodlines of Bohorquez, Yeguada Militar and Martinez Boloix with Bocado bloodlines .

The Carthusian horses are considered the purest PRE them their characteristic beauty and noble and elegant character was sought. Bohorquez and Yeguada Militar brought our classic beauty of the old Andalusian horses and sports movements necessary for dressage.

After so many years of selection, we managed our own genetic line, horses retaining all the positive characteristics that are associated with PRE horse, are recognized by their “Aimaran seal”, marked by three main features: good character, athletic movements and beauty classic. In the Yeguada Aimaran we have succeeded in demonstrating that the Andalusian Horse (PRE) is not only a horse of unique beauty, but also a functional and sport horse.

Yeguada Aimaran History and bloodlines