Fahala de Aimaran: Dressage mare

Fahala de Aimaran is an outstanding dressage horse. She is sister of two of our best dressage horses, Amaranto and Duero de Aimaran and like them is really talented. She has a fantastic walk, a very good trot and a really balanced canter. This special lady knows all lateral movements, counter canter, flying change, canter [...]

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GENTIL CB Talented PRE gelding

Horse for Sale! Introducing Gentil CB, a magnificent 4-year-old gelding with exceptional potential. This handsome fellow has been castrated and has displayed a friendly and affectionate temperament. Gentil CB is a truly stunning horse, and his elegant appearance is sure to catch your eye. At his young age, Gentil CB has already shown promising talent [...]

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Young horse with potential for dressage: Caprichoso HBM

Lovely young horse with potential for dressage. Caprichoso is very well built, compact, with a nice back and the perfect Spanish look with a beautiful head and neck. In adittion to this he has three excellent paces with an active hindleg and a good expression. This young horse has been started late but is progressing [...]

Horse for Sale
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