Everybody knows how much we love to do paperwork here in Spain, and when somebody explains you the proceed to change the ownership of your new PRE horse it can sound difficult and confusing, but actually, once you understand it it is not very complicated. We would try to provide you all the necessary information you need to be able to have your brand new Andalusian horse.

First of all, this is the website of the PRE Studbook www.lgancce.com .

Here you can find all the documents related with Spanish horses, you can look for pedigrees, documents, useful directions… They do speak English, Spanish and some other languages, so don’t feel ashamed and phone them for any doubt you could have.

This is their email: internacional@lgancce.com

Fax: +34 954 953 989

Address : Libro Genealógico del Caballo de Pura Raza Española (LG PRE ANCCE)

Edificio Indotorre – Avda. del Reino Unido, 11. Pl. 3ª- 2. – 41012 Sevilla | España

  1. Passport (there are two different looks, the previous to 2007 and the older ones, both valids) Pasaporte Nuevo
  2. Ownership card signed and filled by the last owner (remember that it can be alone or glued to the inside of the passport)
  3. Covering certificate in case it is a pregnant mare

Remeber all PRE horses may have a red passport, green ones are from other breeds!!!

Once you have all these documents in your hands, we start the funny part, the proper paperwork. The proceeding is different if you are living in Spain (the same if you are Spanish or not) or any other country.


  1. Apply for a breeder/horse owner code (if you haven’t one). What is the difference between a horse owner or a breeder code? First of all the price: Horse Owner: 25 euros Breeder: 165 euros. If you just want a horse for riding and you are not going to breed with him/her or apply for the basic/calificado revision, you just need the horse owner one. But if you are going to breed (which means you would need covering, certificates, inscribe new horses…) or are going to need the basic/calificado revision the you would need a breeder code. How to do it? Fill the following:Document and send it to the studbook through email, fax or post. They will send you back a tentative code with this you can proceed to the rest. First fill the Application for service:

    The code for the service is 700. Then, with your tentative code you can procedd for the internet payment of the code in the followin link:  Next send a copy of the payment and the Application for service filled to the studbook through email and in a few days…Voilà! you have your code! So we have completed the first and most complicated step. You would receive a Username and Password to operate from the Libro Genealogico website.

  2. Let’s go for the Change of Ownership itself! Download and fill the Application for service:  The number for the service is 619. Now we should do the payment, the cost for a change of ownership is 35 euros. You can do it throught their website with your horse owner/breeder code:  Next you should send three documents to the studbook: ownership card filled and signed by seller and buyer, application for service and a copy of the payment. In a few weeks you should receive a new ownership card with all your details on that.


The procedure is very similar, you may follow the same steps and use the same forms but you mayVitola do the payments and send the documents to the national PRE breeders asociation of your country and send them all the documents (instead of Libro Genealogico), if you don’t know it you can email or phone to Libro Genealogico to ask them, they would provide you a telephone and email of the person in charge.

I hope we have provide you some help through the confusing world of paperwork. Once you do it once, you would discover it is not so complicated! Just be patient and ask all the questions you need to the studbook, they are always willing to help. Enjoy your new PRE horse!