Andalusian Spanish Horse

The history of the Spanish Horse is full of legends and stories, although there are references of the Andalusian horse from the pre-Romanesque period, the final terms of Pure Spanish Breed (PRE) horses will not sit until the management of horses hut made by Felipe II, allowing our breed to reach the peak.

The PRE horses have a very definite breed standard which allows them to distinguish themselves from the rest of the breeds. They have average volume and medium lines and with a profile that goes straight to sub-convex horses. Have good sexual differentiation and its conformation is harmonically proportioned and beautiful.

His movements with elastic, bright and lilting, distinguished by their ease of the collected gates and gathered prominent elevations and extensions.

The other strong point of the Spanish horse is temperament, are balanced, spirited yet noble and docile, extremely intelligent and with great heart which gives them great capacity for learning. Has great ability to adapt to the environment and good hardiness.

What is perhaps more characteristic feature of our PRE horse  is the shape of its head to be provided and of medium length with a nasal profile straight to slightly convex, its ears are medium-sized, parallel, mobile and fully inserted. With a slightly prominent forehead, his eyes will be expressive and alive and triangular eyes. The shape of your neck will be arched and muscular (less developed in mares) and shall consist of long, silky mane.

The Andalusian horse is well balanced and with medium lines,its back will be consistent and muscular, they are a little wide and prominent, short and muscular with good integration with the croup and back cross back. The croup is rounded and slightly sloping and medium length and width. The tail low and well inserted between the buttocks and generally populated by abundant and curly bristles.

The back will be long, elastic, muscled and oblique, with a strong arm and good inclination attached to a powerful forearm. The croup end in a muscular thigh, an arched buttocks and long legs.

Spanish Horse