Right now the proccess of the revision takes longer and is more complicated, a lot of measurements, evaluations and movements evaluation are now required, but all our Spanish horses passed them with nice scores and positive remarks of the veterinary in charge. As usual we should thank to the delegate from the studbook, Alejandra for her wonderful work, her patient and kindness.

According with the BOE nº147 28th May 2012, ANCCE has recently announced some important changes to the apto revision procedures and standards. If you an experienced breeder or just new in all the proccess, you can find very useful information about the new PRE horse basci revision in the following link: http://www.lgancce.com/web2/news/new-assessment-record-sheet-basic-approval-breeding-stock-and-genetic-assessment-morphology?lang=en

There is a new record sheet that will allow to the Studbook to do a good Genestic Assestment of the horses seeking to become PRE Breeding Stock to be carried out.  Until now, this data collection was limited to TQBs (Tribunals of Qualified Breedingstock) and at certain Conformation competitions. Even when it would take longer for the breeder and the LG delegate, it will worth it because will provide a very useful information for Genetic evaluation of our beloved PRE horse.


If you are interested on having your young Andalusian PRE horse Approved for breeding, these are the PREREQUISITES FOR REVISION:
  1. The horse is inscribed in the Spanish Stud Book and has a passport issued by Cria Caballar or Libro Genealogico ANCCE. This passport must be presented with the horse at the time of revision.
  2. The horse has to be minimum 3 years old.
  3. The horse may have an ownershipcard that reflects the current owner, only this person can apply for the revision.
  4. The owner or authorized farm representative must send the completed Application for Service form and proof of payment.
  5. The horse must stand calmly during the evaluation. So some manipulation would be useful. Take into account that the new evaluation requires many measurements with stick and tape.

Trueno XXXI     IMG_3925