The Yeguada Aimaran, sees the need for progress and modernisation of the PRE horse, is promoting our Andalusian Horse as a sports horse. Spanish horses are becoming more and more popular in Spain and other countries and are performing succesfully in all levels of Dressage. In Yeguada Aimaran we have had horses competing succesfully in the highest levels of dressage (PSG and GP), our horses Ingenioso XX, Amaranto de Aimarán, Duero de Aimarán and Náutico III took part in the most important Dressage championships and have achieved excellent results, like Champion of Spain of the Kür Grand Prix in SICAB, Finalist of the Championship of Spain of Grand Prix and Criterium, many first places in different national competitions… to name just a few.

This is an increasing demand on the market for horses that are not only beautiful but also functional and athletic, and our stud farm is selecting horses that, apart from being pure thoroughbreds, are also sports horses.

In order to produce these horses we have a breeding and training program focused to produce athletic, balanced and healthy horses. Our horses are bred in herds until they are well developed to start with the work. All the colts received the same careful education being trained in the principles of the classical equitation. Our riders come from the best ridding schools in Spain  and are all horse orientated people who ride and teach our horses with respect and care. Horses are trained daily and can enjoy also in the stud paddocks where they relax and chill after the work. Every year we select the best horse of every age to go and compete in the national and international dressage competitions and the ANCCE cup, but we also take part with our horses in the Dressage leagues, the grass root levels where our horses can show their potential and we help to promote to equine sport in our country.

The new generations of the Yeguada Aimarán are giving a strong performance, demonstrating their gift for sport from a very early age. Our young horses are competing in different levels according to their age. Durin years our young horses have been competing and showing the quality of the PRE sporthorses. We have two stallions that are JRR for Dressage, Amaranto de Aimaran and Cantal del Aimaran, and many others that have reached the Ministry of Agriculture recognition of “YOUNG RECOMMENDED STALLION FOR DRESSAGE” with the degree of “VERY GOOD” and “EXCELLENT”. This has been achieved through many years of selection and we are now reaping the fruits of the harvest. We can thus see that the Andalusian Horse is not only a horse of unique beauty but a functional and sporting horse as well.