“I can say that buying a horse without seeing it live is not easy and of course it needs a lot of trust in the seller. I bought already four horses from the Aimaran stud and all of them only by photos, videos and Aida‘s description. And when they arrived at my stable, it was, as i would already know them. The horses are behaving a 100% as Aida described me.
All Aimaran horses i know behave extremely well with other horses (especially the stallions), and of course in handling too 🥰.
Aida doesn‘t hide anything and tells you her opinion to any question. Just tell her what you‘re looking for, and she will find the right horse for you!⭐️👍 There is so much more to say about these fantastic horses they breed, but you really should try yourself. For sure you won‘t be disappointed!”
Daria from Damur Andaluz – PRE Zucht in Slovakia