In December of 2010 I contacted Yeguada Aimaran about a horse I had seen advertised for sale. After we discussed what I was looking for, Aida sent me photographs and videos of several horses she thought might suit me. One in particular took my interest, so I flew to Spain to see him.

From the moment of my arrival, I could not have been made to feel more welcome. Aida took me out to the ranch, showed me all the horses, told me pedigrees, levels of training etc, but the thing that impressed me more than anything, was that she was COMPLETELY honest about everything- if a horse had a blemish, she pointed it out. If there was an issue in his training, she told me. I rode several horses, including the one I liked so much on video. I would have bought him in a heartbeat, but as he had already bred mares, it tripled the cost of importing him, so I started looking at others as well. Tornado XXVIII was a horse I originally turned down, but Aida watched me ride, and said I should try him. I’m so glad she did!

Tornado and I got along immediately.

He came to the USA, with his brother Requiebro, who I also purchased, in May of 2011. I started competing with him in spring of 2012.

In 2012 he qualified for USDF Regional Finals at Training and First level. He won IALHA National Champion in Dressage Hack and Doma Vaquera. He finished Fifth at Nationals in Second Level Dressage.

His first show this year, he was Circuit Champion at Second Level, receiving over 70% and marking six 8’s and a 9 in one test. He really is a potential Grand Prix horse, with a piaffe that will mark 10’s.

I feel part of the Yeguada Aimaran family- I would trust them implicitly to represent their horses truthfully, and be realistic about their animals. Dealing with them at every stage is made an enjoyable experience by their truthfulness and honesty, and professionalism. Their trainers are helpful and pleasant.

If would have no hesitation whatsoever in giving them the highest recommendation, as breeders, sellers of horses, and just plain good people.

Rebecca Algar