I have known for many years that I wanted to have my own PRE. 7 years ago I visited Yeguada Aimaran for the first time. I was so impressed with how they treat there horses and how committed they all are to each and every one of them. I knew, that when the time came for me to buy my own PRE I could find him at Yeguada Aimaran.

The way they let them be horses for the first years, though still taking very good care of them, knowing all of them by name and there story, makes me very confident that any horse out of there hand is a wonderful horse. Witch horse is right for you is pure chemistry.

This spring I went to look for my dream-horse. I connected with Bucefalo in 30 seconds. I knew he was the one, felt just like falling in love. Hopelessly in love. After riding him for ten minutes, I was ready to ride over to Aida and just ask her where to sign. Of course I did the proper thing, tried some more horses and went home to sleep on it. But my mind was made up, Bucefalo was my horse, my dream-come-true horse. He has now been here in Copenhagen, Denmark with me for 5 month, and he really is all I could ever dream of, in a horse. He loves to learn new things, and to use his head. He has a rock solid temper, nothing scares him. He has wonderful movements and a completely adorable exterior. He has become the darling in my family. My girls at 14 and 17 ride him too, and they spoil him, and he loves theme for it. We ride mostly dressage and do a little jumping, more of that will come. Plans are that when spring comes we will ride in the forest too. So thank you Aida and Yeguada Aimaran for making me this wonderful horse. :)

Years and years of joy ahead..