Already one year ago this dreamhorse came into my life. Donaire de Aimaran is everything I wanted in a horse: a good dressage horse with movement but still baroque and with a nice solid trustable character and a stunning look with long mane! Donaire is always happy no matter what I do with him and what new objects or new challenges I confront him with. A very inquisitive, curious and fast learning horse that wants to please and absolutely shines in every competition we have gone to so far- he always tries his best!

Back then I spend some time looking for a 4-year old horse that has not been worked/ ridden much and it was nearly impossible, since everyone nowadays starts horses before they are 3 years old. Furthermore, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of horses offered on the Internet and wanted to buy from a Spanish that I could trust. Luckily I met Ellen who brought me into contact with Aida and her family and I was impressed with Yeguada Aimaran and the people around it directly. The place was beautiful, the way the horses grow up their is simply to dream of and the all the people are extremely nice and kind to the horses. The horses get handled with a lot of love and patience and I can see everyday that Donaire has never had a bad experience with humans before. While I was there I we lucky enough to meet a few of their horses and I know that Donaire is not an exception. All the horses, let it be in Spain or in the Netherlands or Germany, that I have met from Yeguada Aimaran have perfect honest characters and are just truly nice horses! I am always directly in love with all of them! I would absolutely without a doubt in my heart recommend to anyone looking for a dreamhorse to go and have a look at the many nice horses at Yeguada Aimaran.

Annika Reting