Duende de Aimaran caballo pura raza española

Duende de Aimaran

When I lost a truly fantastic horse I was preparing for competition, and whom I’ve had since he was a foal, I realised it was not going to be easy to find a companion like that again.

I always dreamed of a Yeguada Aimaran horse one day, and I thought, maybe now the time is right. So I went to Malaga with my coach to advise me. After a pre-selection, some horses were  presented and I’ve tried them out, all in a very relaxed atmosphere. You can feel that the breeder is not looking for a quick sale, but really goes for the perfect match between horse and rider as well.

Although they all felt great in movement and character, I immediately knew which one would be my horse! Duende de Aimaran had great movement, still green enough and temperamental to challenge me to become a better rider, but cool enough to give me confidence. Still a real PRE but with an athletic look, perfect!

Now, some six months later, we started our first competition (with compliments on the movements from the jury!), we went on a trail ride, we participated in clinics. Always willing to work, completely trustworthy, for a 5 year old extremely brave, no unwanted stallion behaviour, in short : my dream horse!

Thanks for putting so much effort and care into the upbringing and training of your horses. It pays off!