Omeya is doing really well and is really enjoying his life. Yesterday he fell asleep with his chin on my lap. He goes out everyday in the field and has taken to digging all the mud up and rolling in it. When I brush him he just stands there enjoying it, I dont ever tie him up. He sometimes even tries rolling when Im in the stable !! Hes hardly scared is he !! He likes his shavings really deep and he digs and lies flat out in it. As he goes hacking for about a hour everyday he is bigger behind than he was. He has also dropped some weight, but looking good. He loves going out with Jinnys horse for hacks and we trot them up a very long hill which is hard work for them. I can touch his ears when I ride him and he is fine. Sometimes he kicks my grooming box with his foot when I walk away from him as he wants to be brushed all the time !! He has got used to being number 1 quite quickly!

Michelle Sheward

Great Britain