Last spring we received a very surprising phone call. The TV program “Todo Caballo” wanted us to be part of one of their episodes. Maybe you don’t know this show, but every week they do their one hour program talking only about horses, competition, studs, trainers, equine vets… and it is very popular here in Andalucia because they have really interesting information and a very beautiful production.

We didn’t hesitate it and just jumped on board. The first part was the most difficult, to look for appropriate dates that suited us all. At the end the autumn came and we found a good date, on october the 9th we received their visit. We got to the stud early in the morning and all the team waiting for us. We sit down and planned a little bit how things would be. Guillermo, Fran, Inma, Juan Ramon… know very well their job and made us all feel really confortable and forget about the cameras.  We were talking about are breeding philosophy , about our origins, our place finca la Capellania, about the PRE horse… In Todo Caballo they really know how to ask the right questions to explain things and make the program funny and interesting.

In the middle of the morning it was dressage time. Our coach Enrique Cruces joined us and together with our rider Pedro they showed a bit of our work. First our young promise Hiedra de Aimaran, she is 4yo and is a very talented lady. Pedro rode her and Enrique gave indications from the ground. We told Juan Ramon (the presenter) about the way we train horses and what we look in a horse. After this, Enrique rode Duero and Juan Ramon rode our dear Nilo. Enrique explained him some principles of the equitation and after practising in the arena they went our to have a little walk within the olive trees.

Furthermore they needed some action shots so… we went for it! Our young boys needed vaccination and deworming and we needed to scan our mare to check that all the pregnancies were in the good path. So, with the fantastic work of our groom Sergio, and the help o f all the team in Todo Caballo we took all the horses in to be able to work with them.

What a experience! We only needed to wait for a couple of weeks to see the results and we really loved it. Thanks to all the team from Canal Sur and Promico because we can clearly see that you put your heart in your work. We enjoyed every minute of the coverage you did.

I would like to share this with you, I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did!