At the last SICAB we officially received the news that our CANTAL DE AIMARAN stallion will be included in the next catalog published by the MARM (Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs) as a YOUNG RECOMMENDED BREEDINGSTOCK FOR DRESSAGE.

In 2004, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food approved the maintenance by ANCCE of the Breeding Program for Purebred Spanish horses. This is done under the Technical Direction of the Department of Genetics of the University of Córdoba. The main objective is the improvement of the morphology, conformation and functionality of the PRE horse.

To carry out this objective, yield controls are carried out and the individuals are genetically evaluated for each of the three skills included in the Improvement Program: Dressage, Morphology and Aptitude for the Chair. Cantal has undergone genetic evaluation, control of its competition results and strict veterinary and radiological control to guarantee its quality. CANTAL DE AIMARAN has obtained a Global Genetic Index of 101.29, higher than the average of the population valued, which has qualified it as a Young Recommended Breedingsotck for Dressage.

We are very pleased with this result and we hope that Cantal is giving its new owners of Rancho O’Grove in the US the same joys that it has given us.