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Are you in search of an exceptional Andalusian horse that combines beauty, grace, and extraordinary training? Look no further! Welcome to Yeguada Aimaran, where we proudly present “Horus de Aimaran,” our 8-year-old Andalusian horse trained in classical dressage and more.

Horus de Aimaran is a remarkable Andalusian horse with a wealth of training experience. He is proficient in classical dressage, excelling in basic exercises, lateral movements, and counter canter. Additionally, he has embarked on the journey of mastering canter pirouettes. His gentle and sweet disposition makes him a joy to ride and handle as his father Amaranto is.

Horus de Aimaran is known for his noble and sweet temperament, making him an ideal companion for riders of all levels. He is comfortable going out on trails alone or in the company of others, showcasing his adaptability and calm nature.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a truly remarkable Andalusian horse. Act quickly, as horses of this caliber are in high demand. Reserve “Horus de Aimaran” today and embark on an unforgettable equestrian journey!

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