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Horse for Sale! Introducing Gentil CB, a magnificent 4-year-old gelding with exceptional potential. This handsome fellow has been castrated and has displayed a friendly and affectionate temperament. Gentil CB is a truly stunning horse, and his elegant appearance is sure to catch your eye.

At his young age, Gentil CB has already shown promising talent in the field of classical dressage. He possesses remarkable abilities to perform precise movements and exercises. He has been trained in basic dressage, simple changes, lateral exercises, and is currently beginning to learn flying lead changes, showcasing his impressive aptitude at every stage of his training.

In addition, Gentil CB is progressing well with his training and has a keen willingness to learn. His quick mind and willingness to work make him an ideal partner for any rider looking to enhance their skills in the discipline of classical dressage.

This horse has received exceptional care and attention from an early age. He has been raised and trained in a professional environment, contributing to his physical and mental development. Gentil CB is in excellent health and is up to date with all vaccinations and veterinary treatments.

If you are seeking an equine companion with great potential in classical dressage, Gentil CB is the perfect choice. His beauty, character, and abilities make him a truly special horse. Don’t miss the opportunity to become the proud owner of this exceptional boy.

For more information about Gentil CB or to schedule a visit to meet him in person, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are excited to introduce you to this wonderful horse and hope that you find in him the equine partner of your dreams!


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