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Young PRE Mare for Sale – Meet Magia de Aimaran!

We proudly present Magia de Aimaran, a promising young PRE (Pura Raza Española) mare. With a current height of 1.62m, she is expected to reach approximately 1.65m when fully matured. Magia showcases three exceptional gaits with a natural cadence and extension, making her an ideal candidate for classical dressage enthusiasts.

Magia de Aimaran possesses a strong foundation in classical dressage and displays excellent potential for further development in this discipline. Her movement shows remarkable elegance and projection, capturing the essence of the art of dressage. With her natural abilities and willingness to learn, Magia has the potential to excel in the competitive dressage arena.

Not only does Magia de Aimaran possess impressive talent, but she also comes from a strong lineage of PRE horses specifically bred for classical dressage. Her bloodlines carry the qualities sought after in top dressage performers, further enhancing her potential and value.

We understand that each horse and rider partnership is unique, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. If needed, we offer professional training services to ensure Magia’s continued progress and to optimize her abilities in classical dressage.

Magia de Aimaran is an exceptional young mare with a bright future ahead. Whether you are a competitive rider or an enthusiast looking for a talented equine partner, Magia has the potential to fulfill your aspirations. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a horse with such impressive qualities and the possibility of shaping her into a top-class dressage performer.

For more information about Magia de Aimaran or to inquire about training options, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are excited to introduce you to this remarkable young PRE mare and assist you in finding your perfect equine match.

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