Today is December 30th, one day more and the 2013 would be already gone. Time to remeber, to sum up, to think about the good things and to think how to correct the “not so good ones”… I always like to hear “Un año más” from the group Mecano to do these things (for the non-Spanish this is a song about New Year Eve that me and a lot of Spanish people love).

2013 have been a great and a hard year at the same time. We have had a lot of highlights and a lot of satisfactions, the hard things made us stronger and taught us how to improve (there must be always room for improvement!). But it is nice to focus in the good things, isn’t it?

Our girls gave us a lot of fantastic memories. Beautiful babies, a lot of tender scenes with mother and foals, their legacy to keep on with the stud and the Aimaran bloodlines… Also, our beautiful Trova


was able to qualify and be a Reproductora Calificada in May 2013 at Cordoba. It was a very difficult TRC, only a few horses were able to get the recommendation. But one of them was our Trova. It was a little hard time for her, to be in a stable and far from home made her feel sad, but, in the key moment, she was able to get over it and did a fantastic performance, flying in front of the judges. So proud of her! She is such a great mare! Thanks to Pilar Alonso and Jorge Hernandez for their great work and helping Trova to work so well! Now she joins to our “Aimaran Calificado Horses” together with five other mares and three more stallions.

Amaranto CtoEspCJ13 2Step by step, Spanish PRE horses are more and more achieving better and better results in dressage. This is thanks to the work of riders, judges, horses and breeders. Everybody has a part on this. Our Andalusian stallion “Amaranto de Aimaran” has gave us a big gratification this 2013. Started in February in the International Sunshine tour, third and fourth place of all breeds and first PRE horse, behaving super well and scoring consistently over 70%. The rest of the season he has been improving and improving, reaching victories and scores like the 78,4% in the CDN*** Estepona (beating the current Champion of Spain the KWPN Doctor de Encinasola). The final touch to this fantastic year was the Final in Sicab 2013, Amaranto behaved brilliant there, event when he was surrounded by lots of people, carruages, noises… he was focused and ready to compete! He was second in the Preliminar 5 yo and 4th in the Average of the two days. So so pleased! Plus… after the genetic evaluations and performance controls of 2012 he has achieved the degree of “Joven Reproductor Recomendado para Doma Clasica” or JRR Doma Clasica (Young Recommended Breeding Stock) and will be in the Catalogue for Recommended Reproductors 2013. Thanks Jesus Aragon for your daily work and efforts and Enrique Cruces for correcting us, teaching us and having always the right word and the perfect smile everytime! We couldn’t ask for anything better, he is such a great horse!

Also we have found fantastic owners for our horses… Lots os news about the Aimaran horses progresses and victories are coming form all corners of the world (USA, Holand, Germany, Australia…). But the most important, they all have loving and caring homes, people who take care of them and are passionate about them. I couldn’t finish this email without having a grateful word for them all, for make possible this project and give us the reason to fight and keep on breeding these dreamy horses that are the Andalusian horses!!!