Welcome to Yeguada Aimaran new blog! The intention of this blog is to provide a new tool of communication with our friends, client or simply to all the lovers of the Andalusian horses.

941139_571499592881463_1985876552_nThe story of Yeguada Aimaran dates from 1982 when Juan Huertas, founder and manager of the stud, decided to accomplish a project that was dreamed and studied. After years studing all about the origins and lineages of the PRE horse (Pure Spanish Breed), or better know as Andalusian horse, he decided to start breeding with two different bloolines, one “Cerrado en Bocado” or 100% carthusian and one with a good balance of Bohorquez, Yeguada Militar and “Bocado”. These origins conferes to our horses the classical beauty of the Spanish horse as well as the athleticism and functionality of the Spanish sporthorse acapable to compete at the highest levels of dressage.

We are very proud to count in our stud with a good number of “Calificado” horses (Reproductores Calificados), three stallions, Ingenioso XX, Orion VIII and Quejio IV, and five mares, Heroica II, Aldebaran XVII, Tinaja III, Ucara and Zahira XII. All of them are horses with exceptional beauty and conformation and outstanding movements.
But our goal is not only to beautiful breed Andalusian horses, functionality is the base of our breeding program. Dressage is a sport that requires the perfect balance between strenght, elasticity, resistance and intelligence, and the horses of our Yeguada have proven to be perfect for this kind of discipline. This is clearly demonstrated by the424290_363272110370880_133361409_n magnificent performances of Ingenioso XX, which has won countless Dressage competitions at level IV, PSG and Grand Prix level. Our young horses are competing in different levels according to their age. Zafir IV, Vencejo IV, Zorzal XI, Amaranto XVIII… are competing and showing the quality of the PRE sporthorses. We have three horses, Zafir IV, Zorzal XI and Vencejo VI that have reached the Ministry of Agriculture recognition of “YOUNG RECOMMENDED STALLION FOR DRESSAGE” with the degree of”VERY GOOD” and Amaranto XVIII is a “YOUNG RECOMMENDED STALLION FOR DRESSAGE” with the degree of”EXCELLENT”. This has been achieved through many years of selection and we are now reaping the fruits of the harvest. We can thus see that the Andalusian Horse is not only a horse of unique beauty but a functional and sporting horse as well.