Aimaran Dressage Horses

Pure ChampionsAmaranto EA peq

Now that the dressage competition has started, we have a lot of plans in mind. It is always difficult to choose the horses of the different levels to compete, but this year we have horses with a great potential which make the decision specially difficult! (we are so pleased with our young boys!). Our star “Amaranto de Aimaran” has done his debut in 6 years old level (level IV) with a very hard competition… an International one! But he really fullfit our espectations. After the CDI3* Arena Dressage, he won the Final Test for 6yo horses with a 74,4%!!! Such a good result and still lots of room for improvement! And we are also so pleased with the comments from the judges…
It is always nice that your work as a breeder is recognised and in our stables we count with a good number of horses with the recommendation for Dressage by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ancce Studbook. Such an honour!
For the ambitious rider we count with the best competition horses with the movements, the training and the experience. But, if you are looking for a noble, beautiful and quiet horse, we have nice horses with dressage training that could make your dreams come true!
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And remember… not all our horses are listed for sale, just a little selection, so if you don’t find what you are looking for… just send us an email with all the information about your ideal horse!

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