A braid is something that all the Andalusian horse owner should know. We love the typical image of the Spanish horse running free with loose manes but, when we are going to compete or for our daily work, is not very confortable to have all the hair flying around us. Jorge, one of the riders in Yeguada Aimaran, and me have got ready a little video explaining the steps for a “a sections braid” is a little more difficult that the french braid, but it looks even better and last longer.

Things we should take into account for your braid:

-Do not use polish or other on the mane, if it is dry, it is enough.

-Try to pull the locks as much as you can, the tighter, the most beautiful and the longer it will last (you ladies know what I mean ;) )

-Make sure you have all the necessary before start: A step, rubber bands, clean water, manes and body brush.

-You could “sew” it when you fisnih, but usually it is not necessary.

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