Once more this 2017 we are going to offer once our clients the possibility to breed their own foal during 2017-18 by renting one of our top quality mares and choosing the sire of their foal from our exceptional selection! Select your favourite bloodline by picking your favourite Aimaran mare and stallion and enjoy the pleasure of breeding your own foal.
Don’t worry, we will do all the breeding and foaling process, then, and once weaned, we would help you to arrange all the transport details or offer you the chance to keep the foal in our facilities to develope together with his pals (livery expenses after 5 months old not included in the “Breed your own foal” program price). The price of the foal at weaning will be of 3000 Euros. Hurry to choose your preferred mare from the fabulous selection list, our sires include Ingenioso XX, Quejio IV, Nilo XIX and Duero de Aimaran or you have the option to use your own sire.

The payment will be settled as follows:

*1500 Euro upon choosing the mare and the sire

*1500 Euro upon picking up the weaned colt/filly

Ucara y Jarama de Aimaran

Ucara y Jarama de Aimaran

If the mare reabsorbs or aborts, or the foal dies in the period up until weaning, Aimaran stud would cover the mare again. If you have chosen a non-Aimaran stallion you will be responsible for any stallion expenses incurred.

Your colt/filly will be weaned at approximately 5 months old and in line with Yeguada Aimaran’s weaning program will receive basic halter training.

Should you wish your foal to carry the Yeguada Aimaran brand this will be done prior to the foal’s departure. And we can also inscribe the foal upon request and the foal’s owner will pay the expenses.

Mares available to rent: