DressageLast september 2017 we have been really busy with dressage competition. Our horses Cantal, Duero and Efebo, our rider Jorge and our trainer Enrique have been working very hard to perform at the highest level.

Córdoba is always a beautiful place to visit and to have the priviledge to compete in such an historic place as the Caballerizas Reales, a real honor. In this magic place was where the PRE horse was born by the dream of the king Philip II.

So there we went with our horses, and is easy to feel inspired there. Our horses seemed to be ready to fly in the show ring.

Cantal de Aimaran competed in FEI 7yo level. These tests are already PSG level and include very complex exercises like 4 tempis, 3 tempis, half pirouettes in canter… and Cantal has been behaving really well and performing at the very high level in this competition. Very nice flying changes scoring over 7 points in the tempis, expressive and regular trot, very collected pirouettes… we couldn’t ask for anything better. Both days scoring over 71% in the quality score and a complete average over 68,5% to give him the second place.

I always have had a weak spot for Duero de Aimaran. This horse is all grace and elegance. FEI 6 yo level is for grown-ups and  Duero have been behaving great, doing two test without any mistakes and really correct, scoring over 70% and placing 3rd position in both tests, preliminar and final.

It has been the first show for Efebo, he is still a young boy, just 5yo, and is showing a lot of talent for dressage. They were a couple of days with lots of excitement, first time out of the stable, in the horse trailer, in a strange stable… But he behaved beautifully and, even when there is a lot to learn and improve, we are very proud of him.

So, we brough fantastic memories and are looking forward to go back :)Dressage

Just two weeks later Jerez was waiting for us. This time we went to a dressage competition in Yeguada la Cartuja sponsored by ANCCE. It was a test of the PSCJ (Young horses selection trials) and Duero and us were there to compete. The level was really high but Duero didn’t let us down. He flew around the arena and was in his best behaviour. At the end 72,2% and third place. So proud of him! He is getting better and better in every competition.

Thanks to our horses for proving how good they are, to Jorge Hernandez for his daily work and for the sensibility he shows with the horses and to Enrique Cruces for all the great advice!