We all know, horses are beautiful, elegant, strong, fast… we feel so attracted by them. Advertisers know it and frequently use our awesome friends. I love to watch them, see the differences between countries… I have made a little selection of some of my favourites, I hope you enjoy them!

1- Who hasn’t watch the Budweisers super bowl ads? The Clydesdales are just fantastic! Some of them are funnier(everytime I think about the donkey, I just can laugh!), some of them are more sensitive… but they all need to be seen! It was very difficul to pick just one, but I finally chose the 2006 one, it is just sweet!!!


2- Who could say that you could advert a nail polish with horses? OPI did! It has dance, music, movement… and the unique lady in black! The queen of rhytm!


3-I love this one, it is really funny, but… let’s admit… there isn’t anything cooler than a horse!


4- This one is trully thrilling! Exciting, with very nice images, taking into account most of the equestrian sports… I cannot explain, it has to be watched. Well done KWPN breeders association!