PotrosIn Yeguada Aimaran firmly believe that free is the best way to allow the proper development of our young horses. Growing up in groups with other living foals allows them to learn, leadership and respect, features that will be very useful later in training period. In the Finca la Capellania, home of the stud, we about of 100 hectares rearing free to our horses.



Our young horses are allowed to stay in the field to four years old, this means that they are well developed and ready to begin training with optimal bone and muscle development.


As you know, for us the temperament of our horses is very important. This is obtained by joining a proper genetic selection with the type of farming we do. The horses grow in groups, can develop friendships, leadership, submission … learn to respect other horses and humans. They love human contact and they look at each occasion. Actually our horses have their own personality, which develop during the period of performance in the field, this makes them unique and special horses. We are very proud of our young beautys!