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Amaranto de Aimaran is an excellent dressage horse. His sportive conformation, his big and cadenced movements and his active temperament makes him the perfect sport horse. Furthermore his origins are impecable ( grandson of Ingenioso XX Calificado and GP dressage multichampion, Estrella XVI multichampion in Morphology and Heroica II, Calificada and Morphology multichampion). Amaranto has inherited from them his great conformation and his talent for sports. After a strict evaluation of his performance in dressage and a strong genetic selection, Amaranto has achieved the degree of Young Recommended Reproductor for dressage as Excelent and has been included in the Catalog of Young Recommended Reproductor for Dressage.

According to ANCCE, Amaranto de Aimaran is between the top 100 PRE stallions with the higher Genetic Index for Dressage (108,36) and in the Top 100 of PRE Stallions with higher genetic index dressage and positive conformation genetic index.


-4th Inter II and 2nd ANCCE Cup CDN3* Dos Lunas Sept 2018

-3rd PSG CDN3* Club Aros 2018

-2nd Inter II and 2nd Ancce Cup CDN3* Dos Lunas April 2018

-1st Final 6yo CDI Arena Dressage 2014

-2nd 6yo Copa Ancce CDI*** Arena Dressage 2014

-3rd Prelim 6yo CDI*** Arena Dressage 2014

-JRR Excelent for Dressage

-4th Final 5yo Level Sicab 2013

-2nd Prelim 5yo Sicab 2013

-1st Final 5yo CDN*** Estepona 2013 (78,4%)

-2nd Preliminar 5yo CDN*** Estepona 2013

-1st Copa Ancce CDN*** Estepona 2013

-3rd Prelim 5yo CDI Montenmedio 2013

-1st Copa Ancce CDI Montenmedio

-Finalist of the Dressage Championship of Spain for Young Horses 2012

-1st Final 4yo Estepona 2012

-3rd Prelim 4yo CDN*** Estepona 2012

-2nd Copa Ancce CDN*** Estepona 2012

-3rd Final 4yo CDN*** Huelva 2012

-2º Copa Ancce CDN*** Huelva 2012

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