Frequently I have found in my life horses that are very difficult to load into a horse trailer, they has to spend hours and hours, the horse and the driver are put in danger and everybody is stressed and angry at the end. That’s why is important to take your time to teach your horse to load in the trailer the first time. We have got ready a video teaching our young horse Cantal. It was really improvised, that’s why you can see this “not-so-fancy” broom :)

The clues for a good first experience:

-Be patient, take your time and don’t be in a rush. Be gentle, they don’t know what is all about. They need to smell, touch and look.

-Look for a place for your trailer where the horses cannot run left or right, we use a big door.

-It is good to have a second person to help you.

I hope you enjoy it, thanks for your attention!