Today is the first days of the World Equestrians Games 2014 in Normandie! A lot of ilusions, expectations, emotions… are in the air right now… Who are you supporting? There are so many disciplines, so many good teams, so wonderful horses… that sometimes is difficult to pick just one!


In this post I would like to talk not only about the Spanish team, but also the PRE horses that for the first time in the WEG history, are going to compete in other teams besides Spain… Australia and USA have decide to trust in our breed and will count with PRE horses in their Para-Dressage teams. This make me feel just proud and proves the quality of the Andalusian horses.

Speaking of Dressage, Spain has three pairs that move with reliability above 70%. Although today it doesn’t guarantee to be among the top three, the truth is that is a major advance in quarry and breeding is concerned. The team is based on two PREs, Grandioso HGF and Norte. The first has taken a quantum leap in the few yearsunder the ridding of Jose Manuel Martinez Dockx and they has ranked among the elite dressage. The second, Norte, is the process of a long training, injuries, bumps and joys, but for sure will show his quality with the magnificent ridding of Jose Antonio García Mena.


Spain has gone from being an unknown country in Dressage, to a country where we breed and train good horses, and knows that gradually replenish their binomials; not in vain in the past few years we have lost great horses for one reason or another and has always managed to get a team that has managed to make the cut . If the bases are put with care and patience, the results will come, and the times with become shorter because, like the great nations like the Netherlands, Great Britain or Germany, Spain can be recycled at the highest levels in no time.

susan treabes

Australia has decided to trust in a PRE imported horse for their Para-dressage team, Hatero de PB will compete with the ridding of Elizabeth Sobecki as well as USA that will compete another PRE horse, Kamiakin with the ridding od Susan Treabess. We wish them the best luck and a lot of success in theis categories! Buena suerte y buena mano!

But PRE horses are not only good for dressage, they are getting better and better in driving too and these WEGs the Spanish team counts with Juan Robles with Cepellon, Femento, Fresado y Velero XI and Jose Barranco with Distraido XX, Furtivo XLI, Altanero Jem and Almonte 1. This is a very exciting discipline where horses needs to prove their athletic condition, temperaments and obedience because they have country cross country, manageability…


We hope the luck is with all our the riders and horses and the best man wins! Go Spain and Go PRE horses!!!!

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