I am sorry for the title, but I really don’t know how to translate “Nudo Vaquero” to English… maybe “Vaquera style tail bun”? But I guess you know what I am talking about. When you go to a Feria or an exhibition, and you see the Doma Vaquera horses looking wonderfully with their tail her put up, this is a “Nudo Vaquero”!

But this “Nudo Vaquero” is not only good for fairs and exhibitions, it is a fantastic way to keep your horse tail clean and tidy when is rainy and muddy, if you are going to hack out somewhere with high grass… And it last really long and is confortable for our horse. So good for us and good for the horse!

The video is in Spanish with English subtitles, I did my best with the translation, I hope it is correct and you enjoy it!

Thanks to our rider Jorge and our horse Amable for their help with this video!