Sicab 2016

One year more… Sicab is here! Sevilla becomes the center of the PRE world. Conformation, dressage, jumping, high schooling, shows… We need to save some time to go shopping, the best horse related shops are in Sicab showing their work, and also have some drinks with breeders, party is in the air and everybody is in an excellent mood and looking forward to show their horses to all the public. Fiesta, there is no other word to define Sicab, 6 very intense days for PRE horses, competition, shopping and party.

There are sooooo many activities… So, what would you like to see? I would like to recommend you what I enjoy the best.

Tuesday is usually a very quiet day, horses has just arriven and the competition is mainly focused in young horses. But, in the other hand, is a fantastic day to enjoy Sicab without the usual crowd of the weekend. In the morning we have the dressage competition for young horses, we can see the promising horses that the PRE horse industry has to offer in arena 3.


But to sit and see so many young horses test is sometimes a little boring, so would be nice to combine some horses with some shopping and visit the pavilion 1 and meet some horse breeders that would be willing to talk and maybe you could do some horse shopping too. For me the most interesting and funny of the day is the 6 yo dressage competition (15:30), where you could see horses permorming some difficult exercises and the GP jumping (19:30). I know that Andalusian horses are not the best jumpers, but it is always exciting and funny to see how hard they tru and how good the do!


Sicab 2016 Martes 15

Wednesday is beginning and we have another exciting day, the best 3yo fillies will be competing in arena 1 at 10:00, this is a section that I particularly like, the quality of the PRE mares is getting better and better and we can clearly see it on these young ladies. Have some drinks and tapas enjoying the Spanish sun and then we could go and see the 6yo dressage final and the jumping final from 14:00 in arena 3.

Sicab 2016 Miércoles 16
Sicab 2016 Galileo

On Thursday the “heavy” competition starts. PSG dressage and al the adult male horses conformation competition is here, a lot to see and enjoy! So maybe you could start the day at 10:00 in arena 1 with the 4 yo stallions conformation competition, there are so many lovely horses to see! At 12:00 we should move to arena 3 and see the PSG test, dressage in Spain is getting to very high level and is delighting to see all these PRE horses competing in Small tour. I also love to see the Children’s competition, these horses are so sweet and try so hard for their young and talented riders! If you are not too tired of seeing beautiful horses you could have a break for a coffee and then go to arena 1 to see the section 12 stallions.

Sicab 2016 Jueves 17

Friday is a very exciting day too, it is difficult to be everywhere! This day I always like to see three things, Doma Vaquera (Domados) (arena 2 13:30), Gran Prix dressage (arena 3 17:30) and Alta Escuela (arena 2 16:00). In the middle time it would be nice to see some beautiful mares in the morphology competition in arena 1 (at 10:00 and 16:00) or some functionality in arena 1 10:00-16:00. After this fantastic day we could go to bed dreaming with our fairytale horse!

Sicab 2016 Viernes 18

Saturday is the final har competition day! I hope you have save some enery for it because we are going to be very busy. Sicab will be really crowdy and sometimes is difficult to get everywhere, but we have to try! Let’s start the day with some children’s dressage at arena 3, I always love it! Then at 12,00 in arena 1 we have the chance to see the best horses of the Morphology competition at the Premios Especiales, best 2 horses of every section and the best movers will fight to be the winners! And, at the end, the most beautiful and exciting competitions, the Dressage Freestyle! Inter I starts at 15:00 and GP at 16:30 in arena 3, I never miss it! Maybe we could see some 5 mares cobras (section 14) in arena 3 right before the show. Sicab show never dissapoints! This year is going to be very special, we will say goodbye to one of our olimpic horses “Grandioso HGF” that will perform his last GP Freestyle for us!

Sicab 2016 Grandioso HGF
Sicab 2016 Sábado 19

If you are still in Sicab on Sunday don’t miss the outside arena with the driving but after a few carruages maybe you should visit arena 3 to see section 13 and the 3 mares cobras, it is always a show to see! And to finish let’s see the final of Vaquera and Alta Escuela and the Prize giving. All the winners deserve a devoted public!

Sicab 2016 Domingo 20