Amaranto de Aimaran

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Amaranto de Aimaran is an excellent dressage horse. His sportive conformation, his big and cadenced movements and his active temperament makes him the perfect sport horse. Furthermore his origins are impecable ( grandson of Ingenioso XX Calificado and GP dressage multichampion, Estrella XVI multichampion in Morphology and Heroica II, Calificada and Morphology multichampion). Amaranto has [...]

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Nilo XIX

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This magnificent Andalusian horse has it all, the beauty, the movements and a very sweet temperament. With a very interesting combination of Bocado and Yeguada Militar bloodlines this PRE stallion is a genetic bomb. He is producing foals with excellent quality that are heritating his suspension and cadence and his beautiful and sportive lines.

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Ingenioso XX

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Ingenioso XX is a Qualified stallion (Semental Calificado). Breathtaking gaits and a very hard worker. This stallion has probed that he's a very talented horse for dressage. Hi has been performing Gran Prix since 2003, he was pre-selected for the Spanish Olimpic Team of Dressage of Athens. In fact, he isn't only a good sport horse, he [...]

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Quejio IV

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Quejio IV is a Qualified stallion (Semental Calificado). Quejio is one of the best known carthusian stallions of biggest height. Apart of his great conformation and height, he has the beauty and functionality characteristic of the horses of our stud. His offspring are acquiring the quality of their sire standing out from youngsters because of their movements, [...]

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